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When it comes to fulfilling all of your dredging and mechanical dewatering requirements, Press Rentals is the company you can count on. We provide:

  • Rental of dredges and mechanical dewatering equipment.
  • Technicians to setup, commission, operate and/or train personnel.
  • Chemicals/polymers for pre-conditioning of sludges and waste streams.
  • Turn-key dredging and mechanical dewatering services. 
Deepen Ponds and Lakes | Press Rentals

For Ponds and Lakes

Clean out and deepen ponds and lakes for homeowners associations, private land owners, and golf courses.

Restore Reservoir  | Press Rentals

For Reservoir Services

For removing runoff sediment in water reservoirs to restore capacity.

Industrial Ponds | Press Rentals

For Industrial Ponds

Industrial ponds fill with solids from the waste stream of the manufacturing process. Dredging is a more effective method than excavating- especially lined ponds that can be damaged by high impact booms.