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Press Rentals has all the necessary equipment to provide a total, portable mechanical dewatering system. Our equipment is high tech, of good quality, and easy to operate so that you are ready to begin work by basically plugging them in.

Our portable, self-contained equipment is either trailer or skid mounted for ease of transport and maneuvering. All Press Rental equipment shows up in perfect working order and good as new appearance.

Manufacturers include: Andritz, Ashbrook, PhoenixLWT, Dino Six, Ellicott, Flottwegg, Nietzsche, Pilgrim


Belt Filter Presses

Belt Filter Press | Press Rentals

The belt press separates water from solids by a continuous feed of the sludge between two fabric belts that traverse through a series of decreasing diameter rollers. The dewatered material (cake) is captured between the two belts and the water (filtrate) exits through the pores in the fabric belts.

Plate and Frame Filter Presses

Filter Press | Press Rentals

The plate and frame or chamber filter press is best suited for applications where volume reduction and the moisture content of the dewatered material is at a premium. The filter press utilizes a batch process where the filter fabric lined plates are clamped together and a pump starts feeding the slurry into the filter press to complete a filtering cycle and produce a batch of solid filtered material. The stack of plates is opened and the dewatered material (cake) solid is removed. The stack of plates is re-clamped and the filtering cycle is repeated.

Portable Dredges

Dredges | Press Rentals

The dredge uses a rotary or horizontal auger cutterhead to dislodge material and feed to a pump where it is slurried and transported through a discharge pipeline to a final discharge point. The application will determine the size and type of dredge to cost-effectively remove the material from the body of water. The dredges are modular in design and transportable on one truck load.


Centrifuge-1 | Press Rentals

Our high speed decanter centrifuges dewater a wide variety of slurried materials and sludges. Using the concept of rotational separation, the centrifuge separates the solids from the liquid by spinning at a high rate of speed. In many applications where there is a limited amount of process water the centrifuge is the equipment of choice.

Ancillary Equipment

Dredge Pipe | Press Rentals

Press Rentals can provide the additional equipment needed for your dewatering project. We provide the exact size and length of HDPE discharge pipeline to accommodate your dredging application. Other equipment available for rent includes: shaker screens, stacking conveyors, hydrocyclones, and containments.