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Pulp and Paper Sludge Dewatering

Press Rentals performs sludge dewatering, pond dredging, & equipment rentals for pulp & paper manufacturing facilities across the United States. Press Rentals has provided equipment rentals and pond dredging/sludge dewatering services in the following scenarios:

  • Belt Press rentals for temporary sludge dewatering projects: When plants have upsets or their main screw press, belt press, or centrifuge goes down, Press Rentals will ship a mobile dewatering unit to process sludge until the plant's equipment can run again.
  • Pond Dredging & Sludge Dewatering: Press Rentals has performed pond cleaning and sludge dewatering for pulp & paper mills across the country. 
  • Contracted Solids Dewatering: Press Rentals has the capabilities to take over a paper mill's full dewatering requirements to dewater sludge 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Clarifier & Tank Cleanings: When rakes are stuck or tanks are full of grit/solids, Press Rentals mobile dredging & sludge dewatering equipment can be used to clean out solids.
  • SBR/Aerobic/Anaerobic Lagoon Cleaning:  Press Rentals has unique equipment to access the most untraditional locations for all types of sludge dewatering projects.


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