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Power Generation

Press Rentals performs sludge dewatering, pond dredging, & equipment rentals for power generation facilities (coal fired, nuclear, and natural gas) across the United States. Press Rentals has provided equipment rentals and pond dredging/sludge dewatering services in the following scenarios:

  • Fly ash/bottom ash pond dredging & dewatering: When ponds must be kept in service, and mechanically dredging is not an option because a liner cannot be damaged, Press Rentals can hydraulic dredge and dewater with belt presses or filter presses. 
  • CCR reuse: Press Rentals has partnerships with Eagle Environmental to provide beneficial reuse services of coal combustion residuals.
  • Intake Channel Dredging: Press Rentals can hydraulically dredge intake channels when storms have brought sediment into the channel. 
  • Cooling Pond Cleanings
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