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Municipal Sludge Dewatering

Press Rentals performs sludge dewatering, pond dredging, & equipment rentals for municipal facilities & organizations across the United States. Press Rentals has provided equipment rentals and pond dredging/sludge dewatering services in the following scenarios:

  • Belt Press & Centrifuge rentals for plant rehab & upgrade projects: Often municipal plants will include "temporary sludge dewatering" into plant rehab bids. Press Rentals will supply a general contractor or the owner a mobile decanter centrifuge or belt press while the plant's new dewatering equipment is being commissioned. 
  • Digester Cleanings: Mobile belt presses are ideal for digester cleanings. Press Rentals has worked alongside contractors to dewater grit, sand, debris, and sludge from digesters using a mobile belt press, shaker screen, submersible pump, and mixer tanks for digester cleaning projects.
  • Alum Pond Dredging & Sludge Dewatering: Press Rentals has performed pond cleaning and alum sludge dewatering for water treatment plants. Often the alum sludge from backwashing the filters at plants will fill and need to be cleaned. This light and fluffy sludge will often take to long to dry without flocculant and will require mechanical dewatering with belt presses.
  • SBR/Aerobic/Anaerobic Lagoon Cleaning:  Press Rentals has unique equipment to access the most untraditional locations for all types of sludge dewatering projects.
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