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Metals and Mining Sludge Dewatering and Solids Handling

Press Rentals performs sludge dewatering, pond dredging, & equipment rentals for metals & mining manufacturing facilities across the United States. Press Rentals has provided equipment rentals and pond dredging/sludge dewatering services in the following scenarios:

  • Tailing Ponds Cleaning and Tailings Dewatering: Plants utilizing tailing ponds to settle solids, will contact Press Rentals, when their ponds are full. Press Rentals can also dewater the tailings prior to entering the ponds to capture solids for reuse.
  • Filter Press Rentals: Often plants repairing their own equipment will contact Press Rentals for a temporary filter press. Filter presses are used more often in metals and mining plants rather than belt presses or centrifuges.
  • Clarifier & Tank Cleanings: When rakes are stuck or tanks are full of grit/solids, Press Rentals mobile dredging & sludge dewatering equipment can be used to clean out solids.
  • Smelters: Press Rentals has performed sludge dewatering for smelter plants. 
  • "Push Pits":  Press Rentals can dredge & dewater push pits when weather does not allow for traditional drying.
  • Cooling Pond Cleaning: Plants that must utilize cooling ponds for ferric or mill scale, contact Press Rentals when these ponds are full and cannot be accessed with a long-reach excavator.
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