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How much does it cost to dredge a pond or canal?


Customers' main question for calling is, "How much will it cost to dredge my pond?". No two dredging projects are the same. There are multiple factors to consider when planning a dredging project and account for cost: 

  • Permitting: Is this on your personal property or a government regulated area? Will you have to obtain a permit to dredge? 
  • Volume: How much solids & what type of solids? Sediment, sand, sludge, etc.?
  • Pumping distance: How far will you need to pump? Pumping up hill or down hill? 
  • Spoils plan: Are you using a settling pond/tailing area or will you need to dewater with machinery or geotextile bags? Will you need to use chemicals to dewater effectively?
  • Dewatering plan: Do you have power and water utilities available? If so how much?
  • Solids Plan: How much solids can be generated in a day? Are the solids going to a landfill, farm, open borrow pit, etc.? How will you transport them there?

All of these factors will affect the equipment needed, labor, and overall cost of the project. Press Rentals has the equipment, experience, and personnel to help plan your pond dredging. Call us for help! 706-860-7737

Press Rentals was launched in Augusta, Georgia on July 19, 1993 by experts in the dredging and dewatering field who have a combined expertise of well over 50 years in a wide variety of mechanical dewatering applications and solutions. The company has grown to offer developed customized solutions to all client needs, within the United States and its territories. Our dredging and dewatering solutions are provided within a timely manner, while providing quality work at fair prices. They are ready to run on arrival and the highest quality in the industry.

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