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Press Rentals' Dredges for Rent

Press Rentals has the high-quality dredging equipment to suit your needs. Whether your pond, lagoon, or tank cleaning project is for disposal or reuse, our dredges can fit your job. We provide a complete, portable dredging system. Our man-operated or remote controlled dredges are cutting-edge, high quality, and easy to operate. Our portable dredges are fitted with equipment so not to damage components like aerators, wires, or HDPE pond liners.

Our 6" dredges work well in smaller ponds with lighter material. Our larger dredges 8" & above carry a larger, more powerful pump, for dredging heavier solids- bottom/fly ash, FGD gypsum, & sand/gravel operations.

Press Rentals also offers various dredge piping, a key element in most dredging operations. Inferior dredge piping that is heavy or leaks can cause a slowdown in operations and increase your operational fuel expenses.

Manufacturers include: DINO Six, Ellicott, LWT Mud Cat

Call us today at (706) 860-7737 or contact our professional staff using the form on this page. We can answer any questions you have and guide you to the dredging equipment that will work hardest for YOU.

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